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Every municipality is different.

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We are fully licensed and insured

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We have been in business in the Tampa Bay area for over 20 years and have a very long list of satisfied clients.

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Plants House Tree Service, located in Largo, FLorida, has proudly served residential and business clients in Pinellas and Hillsboro County for over twenty years.

There are several factors which make Plants House stand out within the realm of tree work which should be of particular interest to anyone considering having work done:  we offer amazing value AND excellent service, and our reputation within the community will back this up.

As you would expect of any reputable business, Plants House is licensed and insured, and all work that is performed is done by or under the direct supervision of a certified arborist with decades of tree experience.

Further, because of the extensive and ongoing on-the-job safety training that we furnish to all crew members from day one, we have not had a single accident during the entire length of existence as a business!

Palm Tree Pruning

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Our quote form is designed to collect most of the information necessary to provide a rough estimate of how much service will cost.

Every tree and every property is different, and some of the things which will influence final price are:

  • Ease of access— Are your trees easy for our crews and equipment to reach?
  • Power lines—This can slow down work as extreme caution is needed to operate around power lines
  • Dead trees— A dead tree will not safely support the weight of a climber and thus requires special care when removing.
  • Ground obstacles—A tree which abuts a structure will generally cost more to prune/remove than a tree as additional measures will be necessary to protect property.

The more detail that you provide, the closer we can get to your final estimate.